Wednesday, March 21 was an amazing night for the Laramie County PLTI site. It was graduation night for seven Parent Leaders. Although small in number, the group was VERY MIGHTY in spirit and passion. The group blossomed and grew in so many ways over the course of the 20 weeks. Both facilitators and parent leaders contributed and learned from each other.

Below is a small peak at the community projects of each Parent Leader: 

Jarrod Williford -Affordable childcare programs for military family.

Tim Austin- Changing how the Domestic Dispute Law is written so that the child(ren) involved are protected.

Sarah Smith-Start a family/youth game club in rural Eastern Laramie County.

Rachel Rogers- Facilitate local 5th and 6th graders teaching 3rd graders basic personal finance principles with a hands-on project.

Brenda Hayes-Empowering the victim of bullying.

Richard Leslie- Advocating for a child with a disability to gain life skills so he/she can grow as a productive adult.

Monica Jennings- Advocating for a child and his/her family in a medical setting.

Site Coordinator, Angie Ingram summed up the evening best, "It was a night full of laughing and transitioning. Something I will cherish."